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2013.09.15 [Screw Rescue Report] WEDGWOOD

We received an SOS regarding WEDGWOOD screws from Suminoe Ward, Osaka City.

"I have a cake stand plate, and the support pillar and screw attaching to it have become stuck. Since it's a delicate plate, I can't force it, and I'm in a dilemma. I also don't know how to remove this screw."

As it was an expensive plate, she brought it to our company, and we immediately initiated a rescue operation upon receiving it.

As a result, the Rapid Screw Extractor (So called Neji BAZOOKA) successfully completed the mission.

In general, the Rapid Screw Extractor is suitable for screws where the screw head is below the surface, such as countersunk screws. However, in this case, using the Screw Removal Pliers could possibly give damage the plate, so we intentionally used the Rapid Screw Extractor.

In the future, for any screw-related issues, please rely on Screw Removal Tools and the Screw Rescue Team!

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