SS-02  Solder Sucker (High-power type)

Innovative Silicone nozzle-tipped, high-power, desoldering pump.

  • Soldering point can be covered with the elastic silicone nozzle, suck up melted solder efficiently with less residue. 

  • Withstand direct contact with soldering iron tip (max. 350℃)

  • Compact design made of aluminum body allows one handed operation.

  • Comes with 1 pce. of 50 mm spare silicone tube (free-cut type)

SS-02: Press down the nozzle elastically to cover the soldering point entirely.
Absorb the melted solder very efficiently with less residue left on the board.
Traditional Solder Sucker
When a traditional solder sucker is used, there should be a gap between nozzle and board to avoid the heat of the iron tip and the suction power is reduced.
Plunger on the top is within easy reach of thumb.  It is ideal for one-hand operation in continuous work.
Self-cleaning shaft works in every stroke of the plunger, which requires easy maintenance.
Cleaning and Maintenance
  1. For cleaning, unscrew the body while holding the nozzle unit. (Do not try to remove the plunger unit.)
  2. It is occasionally necessary to wipe off solder residue and stain around the screw threads/spring with a cotton applicator or a cloth. 
  3. After the cleaning is finished, apply silicone grease to the screw threads and the inside of cylinder with a cotton tip.
    It is useful to keep the cylinder airtight and have the O-ring packing slide smoothly.
Spares and consumables

Spare Tubes Item No. SS-16

  • 2 pcs. of 50mm silicone tubes contained.

  • Heat resistance: 350 centigrade

  • Inner diameter: 2mm

  • Cut desired length of tube freely.

  • Features low maintenance cost owing to spare tube only required for replacement.