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 SL-50 / SL-51 / SL-52 / SL-53  Pocket Loupe

​SL-50 with PVC leather case

  • 10X lens, 20mm diameter

​SL-51 with PVC leather case

  • 8X lens, 25mm diameter and 15X lens, 13mm diameter

​SL-52 with PVC leather case

  • Combination of 3X, 4X & 5X lenses, Max. magnification 10X

​SL-53 with PVC leather case

  • Equipped with 5-fold lens featuring sharp and distinct images and no color distortion.   Ideal for jewelry appraisal and precise inspection work

  • 18X, 17mm diameter

SL-50 : Single Head (10X)
SL-51 : Double-headed
(8X & 10X)
SL-52 : Triple lenses (Max. 10X with 3 pcs. overlaid)
SL-53 : 5-fold lens with no chromatic aberration (X18)

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