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 PTN-01~03  Titanium Tweezers Series

Perfectly anti-magnetic tweezers assuring you of precise electronic and computer related work.
  • No corrosion, rust-proof & non-ionizing allows a wide use in the chemical and biological related fields

  • Leaves no solder residue

  • Hardened construction permits no twisting of the body under high tention and less wears for long life

  • Light weight : 40% less than stainless steel which creates less fatigue

  • Coming with soft cushioned Tweezers Case (PTK-90)

Tip Shapes

Standard (AA)


General use tweezers with strong sharply pointed type

Needle Nose (GG)


Needle-like, very thin tips for handling microscopic parts

Bent Nose (J)


Very thin and curved tips for working on microminiature assemblies

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