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 PH-55  Combination Scissors GT

4-in-1 blade combination - Compact body to generate more force!!

  • Cut various materials cleanly

  • Safely-designed and comfortable handles 

  • Blade cap with vent & drain holes 

  • Rust proof stainless steel body 

  • Applicable to professional users and hobbyists 

  • Awarded design

4-in-1 multi-purpose blade combination

Flat Blade
Smooth cutting not only of cloth but also of paper

Wire Cutter
Handy cutting blades for copper or steel wire

Holds the object without slipping

Safety Box Opener
Convenient to open carton boxes with ease

** Do not apply Copper or Steel wire to the Micro-serration to keep the life of main blades.
** Heat-treated or specially-hardened wire is not applicable for cutting. It may damage the blades. 

Cutting Capacity (Reference Only)

dia. 10mm

Cotton insulated
dia. 8mm

Leather belt
4mm thick

Aluminium sheet
0.5mm thick

Cabtire cord
Ext. dia. 9mm

dia. 5mm

CD or Card
1.2mm thick

Copper wire
dia. 1.6mm

(with Wire Cutter)

dia. 1.2mm

(with Wire Cutter)

Safely-designed Handle

S-shaped design

The unique form transmits gripping power efficiently to the shears.

Vent & Drain Holes

Anti-slip Handle

You can grasp the outer rim of the handles safely when the work requires a strong grip.

Finger Pinch Guard

The overlapping guard prevents your fingers being pinched in the handles.


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