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 NS-03 / NS-04 / NSX-04 / NS-06  Micro Nippers

  • Compact body fitting well in the palm, ideal cutters for precise PCB work 

  • Heat-treated for excellent cutting capacity and durability

  • Flush cut recommended for cutting copper and soft IC leads

  • Soft-touch grip insulation and coiled spring ensure repeated and comfortable work 

  • With opening angle adjuster (NS-03/NS-04/NS-06)

Sharpened and polished
blades ensure fine cutting.
Undercut blade for a confined area (NS-06 only)
Opening Angle Adjuster
(NS-03/NS-04/NS-06 only)

tip shape

NS-03​ with opening angle adjuster

tip shape

NS-04 ESD-safe.  With angle adjuster

with ESD-safe grip

tip shape

NSX-04 with opening stopper pin

tip shape

undercut blade

NS-06 Undercut blade ideal for work in a confined space. With angle adjuster

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