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 ZC-50  Wrist Strap

Conveniently-designed earth cord to improve precise work
in ESD environment

● Eliminate static electricity through wrist and prevent electronic components from being discharged statically.
● Curving-shaped & wide plastic body (30x20mm) featuring high conductivity around wrist
● Silver filaments in elastic band ideal for high conductivity & anti-metallic allergy
● 1MΩ resistance built in for safety


Our unique design of earth cord is featuring long portion of the straight cord which enables users to place the cord through a sleeve of clothes and create ideal working space on the working bench.

A spiral cord hanging down from the wrist sometimes disturbs work and may drop something from the working bench.


Contents :
● Wide plastic buckle
● Earth code with Banana Plug, and Alligator Clip
● Polyester elastic band woven with silver filaments (Length adjustable)

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