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 TZ-05 / TZ-07  Marking Tool - Scriber & Punch

TZ-05 Scriber

  • Ideal for metal work to mark a point or draw a line on the workpiece.

  • Right-angled head is very useful to draw a line, also can be used
    to hook the edge of a spring and any ringed parts securely. 

  • Material : Carbon steel with a flame-hardened tip.

  • Width of Head : 20 mm approx.

  • Overall Length : 210 mm 

TZ-07 : Punch

  • Mark a drilling point with a tip of Punch by hammering.

  • Recommended to put a tiny mark with a Scriber first and place the tip of Punch for precise marking.

  • Material : Carbon steel

  • Overall length : 100 mm