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 TR-01~04 / TR-11  Taper Reamer

  • For reaming holes in sheet metal, aluminum and similar materials

  • Also used for deburring on the edge of a pipe 

  • Material : Carbon Steel

  • Hardness HRC55-58

TR-01 / TR-02 / TR-03 / TR-04 :

Used manually with a T-shaped handle

TR-11 :

​Owing to 1/4" (6.35mm) hex shank, it can be also fixed to an ordinary driver handle as well as to a 3-jaw chuck cordless drill/driver.

Make a pilot hole first on the workpiece and place the tip of Taper Reamer to enlarge the hole while twisting it.
used manually with a T-handle.
It can be also attached to 3-jaw chuck in your cordless drill or driver.

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