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2024.01.10 [Screw Rescue Report] TOYOTA HILUX Tailgate Screw

This report documents a screw-related issue reported by a customer in Esashi District, Hokkaido, Japan, regarding a TOYOTA HILUX GR-S (gun125).

★Issue Description:

"The Torx screw on the tailgate of a Toyota Hilux GR-S (gun125) got stripped. The front side could be removed, but the rear side is stuck and won't turn. I don't know how to remove this screw. Please guide how to address this issue."

★Work Log:

Based on the damaged screw photos, we shipped a prototype of Neji-Mogura (So called Socket Screw Extractor). The customer tries to use it...

★Customer Appreciation:

"Thank you for sending us the Mogura. We conducted the operation the following day. It turned smoothly with a gentle pull. It's surprisingly easy when it finally turns. Despite our initial struggles, we appreciate the importance of careful procedures and the right tools for challenging tasks. We greatly appreciate your assistance. We received a delightful message expressing gratitude for overcoming this challenging task. 🦖"

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