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2023.09.29 [Screw Rescue Report] Closet Screw

This report is a record of the Screw Rescue response from a customer in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture.

★ Trouble

"The closet started making squeaky noises, so I tried to remove the upper screw, but it wouldn't budge at all. It's a panhead screw inside a C-type joint rail. I want to fix it myself to avoid the high cost of hiring a professional, but I ended up stripping the screw thread, and I'm at a loss."

★Work Log and Method

After checking the damage to the screw attached to the ceiling, we determined to send a combination toolset consisting of the Socket Scrwe Extractor (Part Number: DBZ-400 series), GT Drive (Part Number: DZ-70), and Screw Catcher (Part Number: DR-19).

★ Customer's Appreciation

"We appreciate the rental of the tools. Following your instructions, I was able to successfully remove the screw. This challenge that seemed insurmountable until now has been resolved, and I am greatly impressed." We received this joyful email 🦖.

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