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2023.09.26 [Screw Rescue Report] Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This report documents a screw-related issue reported by a customer in the Saitama Prefecture, Kawaguchi City, Satoyama, Kanto Region, Japan.

Issue Description:

"The two screws on the grip part of the Pro Controller are extremely tight and cannot be removed easily. I tried to turn them, but it made them even more difficult to remove."

Work Log:

Upon receiving the item, the Screw Rescue Team, with "Urus-kun" overseeing the operation, conducted an emergency rescue operation.

Although they were tightly fastened, using a combination of the Rapid Screw Extractor DBZ-58 (So called Neji BAZOOKA) and 

Go-through Screwdriver Handle DZ-70, both screws were successfully extracted without any damage.

Customer's Appreciation:

"We sincerely appreciate your prompt response!! Your assistance exceeded our expectations, and we are extremely grateful for it." 🦖

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