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2023.08.29 [Screw Rescue Report] Car Door Screws

Received an SOS from a resident of Obu City, Aichi Prefecture regarding his Apple Watch.

"I accidentally stripped the screw on the genuine strap's clasp. To make matters worse, I tried using a drill-type precision screw extractor from another company, and it failed. Is it possible for you to remove this screw for me?"


We quickly received the product and successfully performed the Super Short Socket Screw Extractor DBZ-300 series (commonly known as a Neji Mogura) with a trick, achieving a successful Screw Rescue.

"I am extremely grateful that you were able to remove the screw safely. Thank you very much," came the delighted thank-you email.

For Apple Watch screw troubles, leave it to Screw Removal Tools (Neji-saurus) series & the Screw Rescue Team!

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