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2023.08.24 [Screw Rescue Report] Toyota Hilux Tailgate

Received a screw SOS from a Hilux owner in Sodegaura, Chiba Prefecture.

"I've stripped the screws on the tailgate. Tried rust penetrant, heat (to loosen the threadlock), and even used a punch tool for impact, but nothing worked. My tools ended up bending, breaking, and even the dealership couldn't remove them. I hope I can get help through the Screw Rescue Team."

Urgently sent a prototype Neji Mogura (Socket Screw Extractor) along with references to past Screw Reacue cases and an instructional video on how to use the tool.

"I was able to remove the screws successfully. I thought I might have to weld sockets onto them; however, thanks to the Screw Rescue Team, I was able to attach the desired damper without damaging the vehicle."

For any troubles with tailgate screws, rely on Neji-saurus (Screw Removal Tools) series & the Screw Rescue Team's services!

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