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 PH-56R / PH-56G / PH-56Y  Combination Scissors MP

  • 2-in-1 anti-slip serrations and U-shaped blade

  • 2.5mm-thick durable blades made of stainless steel

Cutting Capacity (Reference Only)
ph56 (4).png

(1) Micro-serrations

Hold the object without slippage such as Aramid fiber, plastic plate, etc.
[Serration pitch: 0.3mm]

(2) U-shaped blade

Ideal for power supply cord, coaxiale cable, rope, etc.

(3) Finger pinch guard

The overlapping guard prevents your fingers from being pinched.


** Do not apply Copper or Steel wire to the Micro-serrations to keep the life of main blades.
** Heat-treated or specially-hardened wire is not applicable for cutting. It may damage the blades.

Coaxial cable
(Conductor dia. 1.0mm)

Cabtire cord
Ext. dia. 12mm (4 cores)

Cotton insulated cord

Copper braided flat wire

ph56 (2).png
ph56 (3).png

PP Plate
1.2mm thick

Leather belt
5mm thick

Kevlar Aramid fiber

dia. 10mm

ph56 (1).png
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