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 PDS-01  Screw Removal Tool Kit

Screw Removal Pliers GT with Mask + Rapid Screw Extractor with 5 bits in a compact heavy duty case


  • Screw Removal Pliers GT (PZ-58)

  • Mask for PZ-58 (PZM-58)

  • Handle Grip for DBZ (Black) (DBZ-50B)

  • Philips no. 2 (Press & Twist type bit) (DBZ-51)

  • Philips no. 2 (Strike & Turn type bit) (DBZ-52)

  • Hex socket screw (Across flats: 2.5-3.0mm) (DBZ-53)

  • Hex socket screw (Across flats: 4.0mm) (DBZ-54)

  • Hex socket screw (Across flats: 5.0mm) (DBZ-56)

  • Bit holder

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