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 PA-09 / PA-20 / PA-21  Connector Crimping Pliers

More than 100 different terminals applicable
  • With 1 pair of our Connector Pliers, you can crimp in tidy finishing open-barrel connectors such as MOLEX, TE (Tyco), JST, HRS, etc.

  • D-Sub connector contact can be also crimped. 

  • 4-different cavities of elaborate dies

  • Original joint screw prevents the joint from being loose and offers you easy maintenance. 

  • With locking latch and coiled spring

  • Oil resistant Elastomer (TPR) handle

Click here! [Crimp Contact Application Chart]
                   JST Crimp Contacts

                     Molex Crimp Contacts

                     TE Crimp Contacts

                     HRC Contacts & JAE Contacts



Ideal for 1.25mm pitch and 2.5mm pitch micro connectors or D-sub connectors (#32 - #20 AWG wires)



Ideal for 2.5mm pitch and 5mm pitch connectors, 2.5mm-thick dies
(#28 - #18 AWG wires)


Ideal for 2.5mm pitch and 5mm pitch, also works with long-wing type of open-barrels owing to elaborately curved design of the upper die.
(#26 - #18 AWG wires)

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How to select the suitable crimping dies 
1. Measure the width of conductor barrel or insulation barrel with
a caliper while both barrel lugs are adjusted in parallel.
2. Select the die width that is close to the width of barrel lugs measured.   Example: 1.5mm measured -->> Select 1.6mm dies.
Conductor Barrel (Lug) Crimping :
It is better to offset the rearmost edge of conductor barrel (lug) 0.1-0.2 mm from the edge of the upper die to form a bellmouth on the edge of the crimped barrel. (as per the figure on the right)
Insulation Barrel (Lug) Crimping : 
Set the insulation barrel (lug) at the center of the upper die in depth to keep the barrel (lug) horizontal when crimping.
How to Crimp (2).jpg