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 PA-05 / PA-06 / PA-07 / PA-14  Wire Stripper

  • Very round finish of wires after stripping by sharp and precise edge

  • Made of carbon steel alloy withstanding abrasions

  • No damage given to core wires

  • Suitable for both solid and stranded wires

  • Oil resistant Elastomer (TPR) handle 


"ENGINEER" original Joint screw is very convenient for easy maintenance.

Long-lasting precise cutter owing to
the elaborately-sharpened edges and
anti-corrosive carbon steel material.

with strap hole

Application Size Charts

PA-14 for super-thin wire

PA-05 for thin wire, with crimping dies equipped

Crimping Function: 

PA-06 for thin wire

PA-07 for thick wire

( ): Reference only

How to adjust the joint screw

(1) When the joint screw gets loose, stripping work
becomes dull.

(2) Hold the hex bolt
(Reverse side) with a wrench.

(3) Fasten the joint screw with a hex key wrench.
(Torque less than 2 N/m)

Do not attempt to adjust the bolt with nut from both sides with 2 pcs. of wrenches, which causes the screw joint broken.  Use a hex key wrench for fastening with torque of less than 2 N/m.

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PA-06 / PA-07 / PA-14

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