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Notice Counterfeit Imitations of Our Company's Product

We would like to inform you that several sellers on a prominent U.S. online retail platform have been identified as selling counterfeit versions of our Solder Sucker SS-02, utilizing our company's trademark without authorization.


These imitation products are not our design and manufacturing, as a result, do not meet our quality and safety standards.


Especially, for our customers in the United States, we strongly recommend purchasing from our authorized distributor, Bridge Precision Tools.


Bridge Precision Tools Store Front (Amazon):


Bridge Precision Tools (eBay):


Furthermore, we must emphasize that we cannot assume any responsibility for accidents, malfunctions, or issues related to these counterfeit products.

Hence, when making purchases via online retail or auction platforms, we urge you to exercise utmost caution.


Should you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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