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  ZCM-01~04   Αγώγιμο χρωματιστό χαλάκι

Static dissipative mat, maintains an ESD-safe working place

● Static dissipative, anti-fatigue rubber mat which provides cushioning comfort
● Green colored mat which is gentle for human's eyes
● Easy to cut according to the size required for floor or bench

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Ground Cord
2m Cord & Plate (150 x 20mm)


Συνδετικές πλάκες
10 τεμ./σετ (150 x 20 mm)


ZCM-01 : 1m x 10m x 2mm(T)
ZCM-02 : 1m x  2m x 2mm(T)
ZCM-03 : 1m x  1m x 2mm(T)
ZCM-04 : 1m x 0.5m x 2mm(T)

● Surface resistivity
   Top Layer (Green)   : 10e8~10e10 ohm
   Bottom Layer (Black): 10e3~10e5 ohm


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