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ns030406 (5).jpg
Ideal cutter for precise PCB work. Compact body fits well in the palm.
nz0305 (3).jpg
Ideal for removal of Chip Resistance, IC, etc. on dense SMD, comes with ESD-safe handles
NZ-12G main.jpg
Full flush & super-fine cutting edge.  ESD-safe handles. Normal and Reversed Blade types available
nk15162526 (2).jpg
Sharp and Durable cutting for precision wiring work
Heavy-duty type durable cutter
nn454656 (1).jpg
Professional type for sharp blade & easy use
np030405 (7).jpg

Ideal for cutting plastic mold gate and burns (NP-03 / NP-04)

Ideal for cutting and trimming various gates of injection molding (NP-05)

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