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 DZ-70 / DZ-71 / DZ-72  Go-Through Screwdriver

Ergonomic design for powerful torque

  • ⌀10mm iron core penetrates the handle, so the hammer impact can be transmitted directly to the tip.

  • With 13mm Hex. (Across Flats) bolster, works with a wrench to increase the (un)tightening torque.

  • Compatible with 6.35mm (1/4 inch) bits

GO-THROUGH DRIVER  (Handle only)
● Ergonomically designed comfort handle, accepts 6.35mm driver bit (Bit length over 50mm recommended)
● The handle is narrow in the middle to place fingers here for safety, and useful for quick tightening.
Hex Bolster (Across Flats 13mm)
The impact by a hammer
transmitted well to the tip
Rectangular shape
Narrow in the middle
Ball-shaped End
Extractor Bit contained :
Press & Twist type Bit to
remove #2 Phillips screw (DBZ-51)
4 edges of the cross tip can firmly grip
the remaining corners of Phillips recess.
Target Screws for DBZ-51
Flat & Round Head   M3~5
Dome Head             M4~5
Μύτη κατσαβιδιού περιείχε:
(+) #2 βίδα
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Set of DBZ-51, 52, 57 & 58 in a carrying case

  • DBZ-58 #0 Press & Twist

  • DBZ-57 #1 Press & Twist

  • DBZ-51 #2 Press & Twist

  • DBZ-52 #2 Strike & Turn

Works with stripped Phillips screws (#0, #1 & #2 sizes) 

4-in-1 Screw Extractor Set (DBZ-22) 
Length 105mm x Hex. 6.35mm


Set of DBZ-62, 63, 64 & 65 in a carrying case

  • Works with 2~5mm (Across flats) stripped hex socket screws

  • Also useful as an extractor for other screw drives such as Phillips, Torx, etc. as per the following steps ;

(1) Drill a pilot hole in the center of screw head.
(2) Select the appropriate size of DBZ-62/63/64/65 (2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 5mm), which corresponds to the pilot hole (the diameter of the drill used).
(3) Apply a tip of the extractor and spin it counterclockwise while pressing downward. A power driver can be also used. 


Σετ εξολκέα βίδας 4 σε 1

Μήκος 105mm x Εξάγωνο. 6,35 χλστ

Extension Bit Holder DR-22, DR-23, DR-24

DR-22     100mm

DR-23     150mm

DR-24     190mm

* DBZ-51~65 Extractors attachable
* The bit holder can be used with an Impact Driver, too.

Hex. 6.35.jpg

DR-25     99mm

* DBZ-51~65 Extractors and DR-22~24 attachable
* Slide the sleeve forward to swing the tip to 15 degrees max.
* Can be used with an Impact Driver only in the straight mode.

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